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Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig did what?

It’s odd how late this story broke. My first reaction was to chuckle. I get a kick out of watching the people who make the laws that bind us get nailed. I think bathroom/rest area sex pits are disgusting. I think the people that use them are pretty nasty, desperate people. Not because they are on the prowl to get laid, but the places they choose to claim as their hunting grounds are mainstream public places. You could stop to stretch your legs or tinkle at the airport and subject your family to that bullshit.

Then I started thinking about it. Ok, so he denies it. Maybe he’s telling the truth. Let’s toss the morals aside for a second. Let’s assume everything the cop claimed is the absolute truth. Let’s agree that Sen. Craig was there trying to get laid. What the fuck did he do wrong? I’ve picked up chicks in bars, airports, golfing, etc. (Sorry mom, it’s true, your son is a pig) But is picking people up to get laid a crime now? If so, the jails will be full of horny Fraternity boys soon. Nickel Piss Your Pants night at the local pub is going to draw a thin crowd.

I wish to fuck our elected representatives would concentrate more on running the nation’s infrastructure and less on what the hell I’m doing with my life and how they can squeeze more tax dollars out of me to give to people who don’t make as much. Passing laws that makes it illegal to hook up is a waste of my money. If that cop wants to nab people looking to score, he should have hung out at one of my college socials.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

You kill babies?


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