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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Whatever happened to repsonsibility?

In the United States, we have it pretty easy. You really don’t know how easy until you’ve done some traveling. Many Americans have grown soft. Why? There isn’t any real necessity to be responsible. There aren’t any real consequences for your actions.

If you irresponsibly have more kids than you afford, I support them. The state takes money from my paycheck, and raises your kids. I give them food, clothes, and shelter. You can buy your televisions and playstations with my money. What happened to the days when if you couldn’t afford it, you didn’t buy it?

Let’s take that a step further. You buy all that shit, get a car and/or house you can’t afford. Then what? Bankruptcy. Granted, it’s not as easy as it once was, but you still say “oops, I overspent, I’m not paying”. Where’s the personal responsibility?

We’re irresponsible socially, too. How many single parent families are in America? How did they get that way? Having children before marriage is one way. It used to be shameful to start a family before you were married and had the resources to support it. Not anymore. There is little shame in teenage pregnancy anymore. You just enter the welfare state. There SHOULD be shame in having children when you’re still a child yourself. Your irresponsibility is creating a burden on your community.

Another reason for single parent families is divorce. You get married, have kids, then wake up one morning and think “this sucks”, so you file for divorce. Divorce should hurt. Divorce should be shameful. It’s so common now, people are actually surprised to run across a couple that’s been married for 30 years. Where the hell did we go wrong? We need to make serious consequences for bad behavior, socially and legally. People need to really have to sit down and think before they make a decision.

Want to enter the welfare state? Fine, you’re working for the welfare state, not sitting back and using the system. Want to break the law? You’re working for the state that’s supporting you in prison. Go farm some fields. Farmers and laborers need cheap illegal immigrant labor to survive? They need illegals to do the work that Americans don’t want to do? Fuck that. Have the criminals do it for free. Kill two birds with one stone. Farmers and laborers get almost free labor, illegals lose a foothold in this country.

I’m not happy with the direction this country is heading. That’s why I vote.
I wish I were king for a year.

posted by Geoffrey at 7:54 am


  1. Very well said.

    Responsibility is something that must be taught and that doesn’t happen where children are not loved, listened to, and guided into developing healthy self respect. This is what allows them to be responsible in all interpersonal relationships and public situations.

    Doing the right thing means not only treating others as you would like to be treated, but demanding a respectful environment in both personal and public interactions.

    I believe the first step is looking at the system and the excuses made for illegal behaviors such as murder, rape, physical and verbal abuses that lead to the loss of respect in our environments.

    Stop the cycles that produce irresponsible behavior and allow for the system to become further burdened with the responsible ones paying for others that do not know respect.

    Comment by bonnie — October 28, 2006 @ 10:49 am

  2. I guess the best thing we can do is be sure our little slice of the world is squared away.

    Comment by brando — October 28, 2006 @ 12:40 pm

  3. I wish you were King Geoffrey! I am sickened by what I see from the “youth” of today. Even more sickened by what they have been raised by!

    Comment by Pam — October 29, 2006 @ 8:42 pm

  4. All I really have to say is, “Hear, hear!”

    I spent the last weekend down in Orlando enjoying the theme parks, and I was confronted, almost on a minute-by-minute basis, with countless examples of piss-poor parenting, parents and children with absolutely no concept of responsibility or accountability, and just a general-purpose lack of common courtesy. Even the most basic of politeness concepts were lost on people, to the point of parents calling their childrens’ misbehaviors “cute”. That is honestly aggrivating to the point of stupidity.

    To steal a phrase, in a society where anything goes, eventually, everything does, and America is definitely going down that path with a remarkable speed.

    Comment by Linoge — October 30, 2006 @ 10:33 am

  5. I haven’t said much…but is anyone on this site a parent?

    Comment by Sistereinstein — October 30, 2006 @ 12:09 pm

  6. If the principles of the New Deal had been followed (work on public works projects to earn your welfare payment) we wouldn’t be in this place with our society.

    Last Thursday, I wrote a piece called “You Owe Me” after seeing these Roseanne Barr video clips about raising the minimum wage. You just want to choke these bastards out.

    They have no skills, no intention of raising their skills, yet bitch when their checks run out. They’re “not being paid what I’m worth”. Uhm, sorry sweet-cheeks, yes you are. Otherwise employers would be beating down your door to hire your empty bag of goods.

    Geoffrey, you hit it right on the head when you talk about shame. No one gives a shit if they’re on welfare, or knocked up at 13 or are fucked up on crack/meth. Instead of shunning these people, we feel the need to “empower” them (God, I hate that word). What we’re really doing is fixing their problems so they don’t have to address them and LEARN from them on their own. What they then learn is that someone else will take responsbility for them. Hey, it’s cheaper and easier than taking personal responsibility.

    Comment by The Other Mike S — October 30, 2006 @ 4:08 pm

  7. Hey. I went to college with Geof. Don’t give him the keys to the kingdom without thinking about it first. 😉

    Comment by Chumley — October 30, 2006 @ 5:40 pm

  8. Sure, sistereinstein, many are.

    Comment by Geoffrey — October 30, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

  9. I have this ability to be the last poster on a thread, which usually means that everyone has gone on to bigger and better topics.

    To cross threads, one of my last posts mentioned Divorce, and yet another mentioned the NOW movement.

    We are determined to set a balance to our perceived notions of right vs wrong, justice vs injustice, traditional vs nontraditional.

    We cannot grow unless we personally set things in motion to effect the next generation. While we are setting to rights the mistakes of our parents we are inadvertently making a new set of problems to be address by our grandchildren.

    And so it goes.

    And in watching other parents, you learn what not to do and are inspired to improve yourself.

    In my esteemed opinion, shame is not enough. The consequence of shame or isolation feeds the negative behavior and instills nothing useful.

    more later perhaps…

    Comment by Sistereinstein — October 31, 2006 @ 12:36 pm

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