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Monday, June 30, 2008

Wesley Clark should resign his commission

I don’t care if you agree with McCain’s politics. I don’t care if you agree with his service. I don’t care if you think his service is relevant to his qualification to be President. I really don’t. McCain is about as far away from my ideal candidate that you can get, without being Obama.

But imply that his service was insignificant and doesn’t lend legitimacy to his qualifications to be Commander in Chief is to admit that you’ve left all reason at the door and thrown yourself into the political back talking machine. Wesley Clark has decided to leave honor at the door in hopes of securing a VP slot. He’s brought discredit to himself, his uniform, and his commission. Resign it.

posted by Geoffrey at 7:58 am  

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  1. I am hopeful that McCain will win. Yes, he’s certainly not the ideal choice, but I’ve always voted the party not the person.

    Just read that McCain is the preferred candidate over B. Hussein Obama (Ann C. refers to him that way – LUV it!) with pet owners. Gotta luv this country! But whatever helps.

    Not looking forward to having all the moonbats in my town in August. Getting ready for it has been rediculous. $11 million of the moonbat money will be spent to get the Pepsi center ready for them.

    But do we hear about that waste in the news?

    Comment by Cindy — July 8, 2008 @ 10:04 am

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