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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back for the Time Being

I’ve been on the road often lately and have long since lost track of the blogosphere. Making the rounds tonight, I see little has changed.

Liberals are still retards.

What kind of an idiot would prefer Hugo Chavez to President Bush? A liberal, of course. Mother Sheehan. The logic is simply baffling to me and yet on the other hand, so revealing of the modern liberal. How can someone allow partisan politics to cloud their vision and judgement to such an extreme?

For the life of me, I can never understand someone saying something so incredibly stupid. Turn the tables on me. Hell, I’d take John Kerry or Bill Clinton anyday over Hugo Chavez. Give me Hillary even. Although I may disagree on the methods they employ and the views they may take – I still know in my heart of hearts that they are loyal Americans with a strong America in mind. We simply disagree on why and how we’re gonna get there.

Am I the only one that sees this?

posted by Gordon at 12:47 am  


  1. It’s about time. I was getting ready to delete your account and send you a present.

    Comment by Geoffrey — July 12, 2006 @ 8:04 am

  2. Welcome back Gordon! The blogosphere just got a whole lot more bearable with you guys back.

    Many of us have been bored off our asses without a proper DogSnot.

    Comment by Chet — July 12, 2006 @ 5:24 pm

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